Hon. Elia Weinbach (Ret.)


Representative Cases 


  • Disputes involving relocation/move-away situations, custody and visitation arrangements, child and spousal support and modification of existing orders pertaining to same

  • Disputes involving interpretation of Marital Settlement Agreements, interests in copyrights, publishing right, and contract rights; application of statutes of limitation

  • Disputes involving competing claims of paternity

  • Disputes involving date of separation (termination of status of marriage); guideline child support, permanent and temporary spousal support, determination of character, valuation, and division of property, and claims for reimbursement by the parties

  • Disputes involving determination of pendente lite spousal order when one spouse was cohabiting with another and the other spouse’s employment was terminated and received severance payments

  • Disputes involving consideration of Family Code § 4320 factors and whether there were sufficient changes of circumstances justifying downward modification of spousal and child support

  • Disputes involving sale of properties, Family Code § 2640 reimbursement rights

  • Disputes involving maintenance of insurance coverage, tax claims, equalization payments, attorneys’ fees, final disclosure declarations, income and expense declarations, and preparation of judgments

  • Disputes involving emancipation of minors

  • Disputes involving allegations of domestic abuse

  • Disputes involving support arrearages

  • Disputes involving FLARPLs (Family Law Attorney Real Property Liens)

  • Disputes involving motions to enforce settlement agreements, to set them aside

  • Modification of spousal and child support

  • Financial disclosure obligations

  • Retroactive modification of orders

  • Severance pay and modification of pendente lite child and spousal support orders