Representative Cases 


  • Dispute involving multi-national Fortune 200 Company in defense against a hostile take-over attempt

  • Dispute involving former President of major thrift in various securities and derivative lawsuits

  • Dispute involving a major corporation in suit alleging breach of contract in connection with consulting services

  • Dispute involving major oil and gas producer in suit regarding preferential rights to purchase interests in natural gas producing properties

  • Dispute involving defendants in $20 million dollar plus action based upon breach of contract, fraud, breach of fiduciary duty, and accounting theories in connection with sale of plaintiff’s business to defendants/clients

  • Dispute involving nationally-known insurance company in federal diversity case brought against it by a multi-national automobile corporation in a fidelity insurance/breach of contract/insurance bad faith action

  • Representation of major multi-national automobile manufacturer in federal campaign finance investigation

  • Dispute involving internet publisher accused by competitor of publishing false advertisements and refusing to publish competitor’s advertisements

  • Dispute involving company accused of aiding and abetting and engaging in a conspiracy with a major accounting firm to promote and sell illegal tax shelters

  • Disputes to enforce settlements.

  • Disputes involving imposition of various sanctions, including terminating sanctions

  • Probate dispute involving imposition of constructive trust and an accounting re commingling of trust and non-trust properties and failure to dutifully administer trust

  • Failure to pay referral fee for class action referral

  • Fraud and breach of contract re division of revenues and expenses

  • Breach of option agreement to buy business upon death of business owner

  • Construction contract breach re clean-up operations

  • Sale of private school and tortious interference

  • Hospital administration contract breach

  • Sale of allegedly illegal tax shelters

  • Breach of fiduciary duty

  • Easement disputes

  • Fidelity insurance disputes and bad faith claims

  • Civil contempt

  • False advertising under the Lanham Act

  • Unfair competition claims

Hon. Elia Weinbach (Ret.)